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In case you have any questions regarding HUXOL, perhaps the answer you are looking forward is already here. If it is not or if you require further information, then please use our contact form to send us your question.  

Are HUXOL sweeteners safe?

Yes, HUXOL sweeteners are safe and have been produced in the highest quality in Germany for over 40 years. All sweeteners used are subject to national and European regulations and the quality standards stipulated therein. The product safety for all groups of people, including pregnant and nursing women, is tested within the framework of the approval process.  

How can HUXOL sweeteners be used in daily life?  

There are many possibilities and different ways to use HUXOL sweeteners in daily life – such as to sweeten tea or coffee. In general, sweeteners can be used in every instance when one would otherwise reach for sugar – whether at breakfast, lunch or dinner.  

Are HUXOL sweeteners suitable for consumption by people with Diabetes mellitus?

HUXOL sweeteners have no influence on insulin needs and can help diabetics to follow their diets and reduce carbohydrate consumption. The use of HUXOL sweeteners instead of sugar is a first step in daily diabetes management. Please keep in mind: The stabilisation of blood sugar levels, healthy nutrition and physical activity are all of central importance to diabetics in ensuring successful treatment of this condition.

Do HUXOL sweeteners cause cavities?

In contrast to sugar, sweeteners do not produce any fermentable carbohydrates and do not build any acids that can damage teeth. Therefore, sweeteners do not cause cavities, but rather they reduce the risk of developing cavities and support good dental health in adults and children in a natural manner.

Are HUXOL sweeteners vegan and gluten free?

All HUXOL sweeteners are free of wheat components and are suitable for safe consumption by people with coeliac disease and gluten intolerance. All HUXOL liquid sweeteners are suitable for a vegan diet without sugar and gluten – however, our  HUXOL tablets are not vegan.

Do HUXOL sweeteners contain allergens?

HUXOL sweeteners do not contain any allergens such as nuts, soy or potato starch. The only exception: HUXOL tablets contain lactose.  

Why does HUXOL sweetener powder contain maltodextrin?

Maltodextrin is a carrier that is mixed with the sweetener to create a light and familiar dosage equivalent to that of sugar. By doing this, an ideal and simple dosage is achieved: 1 portion = 1 teaspoon.

What should be kept in mind when baking with HUXOL sweeteners?

When baking one should always keep in mind that sweeteners are significantly more powerful in sweetening than sugar – meaning that the amount of sweetener needed will be less than the required amount of sugar. Sweeteners deliver significantly less mass than sugar, which can have an effect on the volume of things like batter, dough and fillings. Sweeteners also do not have binding properties, thus they are unsuitable for all types of batter and dough. HUXOL sweeteners work best in yeast dough, shortcrust pastry as well as strudel dough.

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